The Full User Experience

When it comes to designing a UI for a web application, I consider every aspect of the user experience. Is it usable? Is it accessible? Does it behave as expected? Is there feedback after interactions? I’m passionate about championing the cause of the end user while staying committed to working within the defined constraints of the project.

Sage 300 Online — Wire-frames

I created hundreds of wireframes for Sage’s web-based version of Sage 300 ERP. This work involved working closely with business analysts to gain a deep understanding of the enterprise software application, and adapting it to a simpler, more web-friendly format.

Sage 300 Online — UI Elements

A challenge with adapting desktop software to the web, is that many desktop software GUI conventions that do not have web equivalents. I designed functional alternatives that retained the power of the desktop and leveraged the strengths of the web, while staying mindful of development constraints and the capabilities/limitations of the front-end framework being used.

Sage 300 Online — Interaction Patterns

I worked with the Sage team to determine common interaction patterns in the Sage 300 ERP software, and illustrated the differences between the desktop and web versions, for the purpose of creating a UI pattern library to give overseas developers a helpful guide on how to adapt recurring elements and patterns.

Sage 50 Accounting — Mobile UI

I worked with the Sage team to build a wire-frame / prototype of a mobile version of Sage 50 Accounting, which was used to gain insights from real customers to determine the kinds of features that would be desirable in a mobile version of the application.

Sage One to Sage 50 Data Syncing — Setup Wizard

I created a prototype of a feature that allowed customers to sync data across two separate Sage applications. The prototype was used in user testing sessions and acted as a design spec for developers.

Sage One to Sage 50 Data Syncing — Onboarding Diagram

To help the business better understand the customer experience with syncing data across two Sage applications, I created a customer onboarding diagram showing every step of the process.

Sage One Payroll — Terminate Employee Prototype

I created a prototype for Sage to conduct user testing on the employee termination feature in Sage One Payroll.

TuGo - Partner Sales Application

Having worked with TuGo extensively in the past, I was asked to assist in a redesign of TuGo’s B2B travel insurance policy sales application. This project included wire-frames and mock-ups for every screen and feature variant in the application.

TuGo - Medical Health Questionnaire

A major refinement to TuGo’s B2B sales application was made to their medical health questionnaire. I investigated the rationale behind each of the questions, how rates were determined, and how the answers were used. The result was reducing the time needed to complete the MHQ for a typical 2-person policy from a minimum of 30 minutes, down a range of 1-10 minutes, depending on the responses to each question.

Marc Desbiens is a designer working in and around the Vancouver area.