Career History

2010 – present

Freelance UX/Visual Designer

  • Sage Software
  • TuGo (formerly TU Group)
  • Best Buy Canada / Future Shop
  • Cheers Bar & Grill
  • VRC Fitness
  • Autobox Media
  • Kinetix Digital
  • StudioTHINK
  • 612 Creative

2005 – 2010

Full-time User Experience Director at TU Group

2001 – 2005

Freelance UX/Visual Designer

  • Siberra Corp
  • Kinetix Digital
  • Best Buy / Future Shop

1999 – 2000

Full-time Sr. Web Designer at Imediat Digital /


  • I can work unsupervised or collaboratively
  • I can translate stakeholder/client goals into design requirements
  • I’m mindful of business goals and development constraints
  • I’m comfortable leading meetings and conducting presentations
  • I have a perfect track record with obtaining design approvals
  • I can adapt to and modify existing processes, and define new ones
  • I easily build rapport, both within a team and across an organization
  • I can be extremely persuasive when championing end user needs
  • I maintain a calm, diplomatic approach in challenging situations
  • I focus when under pressure, and I’m not intimidated by deadlines
  • I have a thick skin and an easy-going attitude
  • I choose my battles — I know when to push and when to negotiate
  • I accept that unfamiliar or repetitious tasks are necessary
  • I’m never stumped — I have ideas falling out of my pockets
  • I easily learn to use new software and technology
  • I’m able to create, maintain and adhere to style guides
  • I believe the best solutions completely solve a problem, while simultaneously introducing no new problems
  • I’m always finding new ways to increase my productivity
  • I crave a challenge, so let’s do this thing!

Marc Desbiens is a designer working and lurking in and around the Vancouver area.