Are you a freelancer or a small consulting company?

Sometimes projects come along that we want to take on, even though there’s just one little piece of it that falls outside of our range of capabilities. That’s what partners are for! You’re a programmer with no design skills? I’ve got your back. A Flash animator with no interest in usability? I’m interested enough for both of us. A marketing genius with — you get the point.

There are a few areas where I could use some back-up. Copywriting. Marketing campaigns. Programming. Hardcore Flash animation filled with ActionScript. Or people with the same skillset as me, for those times when I just have too many things on the go and can’t take on more work.

Let’s team up.

Are you a large consulting company?

Agencies. Design firms. Companies with “Creative”, “Interactive”, or “Lab” in their names. We’re essentially in the same game, just playing it in a different way. We don’t need to be enemies — quite the contrary, I’d like to help you out. Here’s how.

Let’s say things are moving along great. Your team is busy with more than enough work to go around. These are truly great times! And then you receive a deluge of more project requests than you can possibly handle. You could turn them down, but these seem like great projects — potentially fantastic clients with long-term potential. Do you turn them away, or try to stall for time and risk losing them, simply because you’re over-booked for a few months?

Nonsense! This is where I come in. I work for you, on a contract basis, standing in as one of your own designers. I attend client meetings and presentations. I supply some top-notch creative. I collaborate with your team. The client gets a job well done. You retain the relationship with the client. And we build a mutually beneficial partnership.

Let me be your hired goon.


If I’m contacted by a prospective client, but my skillset isn’t suitable for the project, I’m happy to refer the client to someone appropriate for their needs. Check out my services, and if you think you bring something unique to the table, let me know. And hopefully one day you can return the favour ;)

Sometimes I’m a great match for the client, but my schedule is booked solid and the client needs to start immediately. This is another situation where I’d be grateful to have someone reliable to refer to the client.

Other times, the project is either too big or too small for me to take on. Once again, I don’t want the client to walk away empty-handed, so a referral is a great solution for all concerned.

After all, we still want to help people out, even when the job isn’t a great fit for us.

Send me your info.