About Me

I’ve been working on web projects for almost 15 years. During that time I’ve worked as an in-house Sr. Web Designer for an agency, a dot-com start-up, a leading e-commerce company, as well as having the role of User Experience Director for an insurance provider. In-between these roles, I’ve worked as a freelancer, working with clients directly and through several design agencies.

My hobbies vary from song-writing to drawing to programming. I love learning new things and digging into new challenges. I’m also an enthusiast in areas such as branding, usability, customer experience, and persuasion. Whether at work or at play, I’m happiest when devising creative solutions to complex problems.

I live in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, a little over an hour east of Vancouver. As a father of two small children, a healthy work/life balance is important to me. To that end I am fortunate to be able to work from my home office, and so the commuting time I've saved can be put towards extra time with my family.

If you have an interesting and exciting project, I’m the designer for you.
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