About Me

My name is Marc Desbiens, and I’m a designer. I live in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, a little over an hour east of Vancouver.

As a freelancer I’ve worked for a leading e-commerce company, an international software company, several design agencies, and I’ve worked directly on projects for smaller businesses. I’ve also had the role of User Experience Director for an insurance provider.

I spend most of my free time with friends and family. When I find time for myself, my hobbies vary from song-writing to gaming to programming. I love learning new things and digging into new challenges. Whether at work or at play, I’m happiest when devising creative solutions to complex problems.

If you have an interesting and exciting project, I’m the designer for you.

Check out some of my work, or get in touch.

Marc Desbiens is a designer working and lurking in and around the Vancouver area.